Puerto Rican Evacuees Become College Mentors At Hartford's Bulkeley High

In a recent event hosted in Bulkeley High School's cafeteria, Puerto Rican evacuees from Central Connecticut State University and BHS came together to discuss higher education opportunities. This event was the kick-off to mentorship relationships between the groups of students. To learn more about this event, click the link below...

Puerto Rican Evacuees Become College Mentors at Hartford's Bulkeley High

(Photo Credit: Vanessa De La Torre / Connecticut Public Radio)

Bulkeley's Gretchen Levitz Honored as Hometown Hero

Gretchen Levitz, program director at Bulkeley, was recently honored in the Hartford Courant in the publication's series on Hometown Heroes. The profile features stories of Ms. Levitz' commitment to helping Bulkeley students, from her everyday interactions as a "school mom" to her tireless efforts to organize the SpiritHorse program. To read more about the well-deserved recognition, click the link below...

Bulkeley Students' Praise Their 'School Mom' for Keeping Spirits High

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Bulkeley Students Bring New Meaning to Thanksgiving

Bulkeley students started the holiday season early by sharing a Thanksgiving meal together at the SpiritHorse Therapeutic Riding Center in Canton through their involvement in the SpiritHorse program. For many of these students, this was their first Thanksgiving meal, and all of the students appreciated the opportunity to reflect on the bonds of family and friendship. To read more about this event, click the link below:

For Hartford Students, A Generous Thanksgiving Lesson 

(Photo Credit: Lauren Schneiderman/Hartford Courant)

Hartford Decides on Bulkeley Students' Project

As part of Hartford's participatory budgeting initiative Hartford Decide$, a project proposed by five Bulkeley students-- Merceda McClain, Mary Fattouh, Jasmin Lugo, Jahneil Clarke, and Luis Gonzalez-- received the 2nd highest total number of votes and $100,000 in funding. Their project will see heaters installed in five of the busiest bus stops in Downtown Hartford to keep passengers warm as they wait for the bus. To read more about this project and initiative, click the link below...

People's Choice: More Trash Cans, Laptops, Trees, and Heated Bus Shelters for Hartford

Photo Credit: (Brad Horrigan / Hartford Courant)

Sarah Hodge: Looking Back and Looking Forward to First Year of Teaching

Sarah Hodge, class of '11, was recently featured in a profile piece on UConn's Neag School of Education website. As a first-year special education teacher in Windham, CT, Sarah shared her reflections and stories as an immigrant from Puerto Rico, a member of the inaugural class for Bulkeley's Teacher Preparatory Studies program, and a proud graduate of the Neag School of Education. Read more about Sarah: 

First-Generation College Grad and First-Year Teacher Comes Full Circle.

(Photo credit: Shawn Kornegay/Neag School)