Clubs and Activities

Clubs and activities

Clubs and Activities

Students are encouraged to participate in extracurricular activities while enrolled at Bulkeley High School.

There are many opportunities to get involved, meet new people and develop new skills.






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Capital Workforce Partners

Advisor: Kim Childress (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

Room: 338

Hours: initially during advisory, internships will be assigned to qualifying students upon successful completion.

Description: Workplace skill acquisition and internships 


Career Beginnings

Advisor: Tammy Lorenzo (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

Room: 123

Hours: Tuesdays and Fridays after 10:00am and by appointment; Monthly workshops and activities

Description: Career Beginnings is a college access and mentoring program that will help you to prepare for both a successful high school and college career. We offer 1 on 1 advising and helpful and fun workshops to help students prepare for the future.


Common Ground

Advisor: Rose Mary Stewart (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) 

Room: 420

Hours: Metro Center Wednesdays 3-6:30pm

DescriptionProgram enables students with leadership qualities to learn what they have in common with other schools, students and people.



Coordinator: Christina Rivera (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

Room: 135

Hours: Thursdays for drop in and after school

Description: The University of Connecticut’s ConnCAP Program is an intensive, year-round academic program whose mission is to assist students in grades 9-12 in the successful completion of high school and to prepare them for post-secondary education by providing them with rigorous and nurturing academic courses as well as culturally enriching activities. Rising sophomores, juniors and seniors stay on campus for six weeks in the summer and receive academic support and 3 college credits each summer.


Jr. Apprentice

Coordinator: Carla Hawkins (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

Room: 329

Hours: Thursdays during advisory and by appointment

DescriptionJr. Apprentice, a program of the Hartford Consortium for Higher Education, is a teen apprenticeship program dedicated to developing Hartford’s future workforce. By exposing high school students to a vocation of interest, the program’s ultimate purpose is to:

- Provide teens the opportunity to develop skills in a career path they find meaningful and financially stable;
- Build social capital through mentoring relationships and fosters closer connections between current employers and the future workforce.


Key Club

Advisor: Aneela Shah (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

Room: College and Career, 2nd floor

Hours: Various

Description: Key Club International is the oldest and largest service program for high school students. It is a student-led organization whose goal is to teach leadership through serving others. Key Club International is a part of the Kiwanis International group.


Moot Court

Advisor: Justin Taylor (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), Paul Griswold (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

Room: 323

Hours: Thursdays from 2:45-3:45 and during advisory

DescriptionThrough a unique partnership with the UCONN Law School, members of the team prepare a 12-minute oral argument on an issue of constitutional law as part of a national high school competition in Boston.


National Honor Society

Advisor: Justin Taylor (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

Room: 323

Hours: Wednesdays from 2:45-3:15pm

DescriptionMembership is by invitation only in grades 10, 11 or 12 who are inducted into the National Honor Society. Activities include training as school ambassadors, participation in school and community service activities.


Spirit Horse

Coordinator: Gretchen Levitz (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

Room: 340 and Spirit Horse Therapeutic Riding Center Inc. Canton, CT

Hours: Wednesdays and Fridays

DescriptionUnified vocational agricultural training in a farm management program/equine program for at- risk, ELL and Special Education Students attending Bulkeley High School

Goal: To provide ELL, special needs and mainstream students with a work/study hands-on Vo-Ag program at a small farm in a supervised setting one to two times per week.

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Club Francophone A social club for French-speakers to watch, read, and discuss French language movies, short films, essays, articles, and world events. All francophones welcome! Anctil
Weightlifting Club Students will learn basic skills of weight training and participate in weight training exercises. Armillei
Yearbook Will capture the memorable moments of the school year by creating a yearbook.  Ayrula/Knobloch
Shared Ability Dance and Music Join students from the Victory Program in dance and music Bosco/Cieri
Board Games  Play games such as  Trouble, Connect 4, Jenga, Pictionary, Scrabble, Uno,  dominoes, chess, checkers, Chinese checkers, or work on puzzles Callo
Mandala Coloring Pages Coloring experience that promotes relaxation/stress relief and cultural exploration.  Carrillo-Huerta/Merced
Yoga Club Students would engage in a yoga practice followed by brief meditation.   Chirdon
Chess Club Kids will learn basic strategy and play with peers.  As well, we play several tournaments with staff and students each year. Clemens/Paradis
Events/Senior Advising Plan events throughout the year, including dances, spirit week, senior events, prom, etc. Cunningham
Domino Club Play dominoes. Dagrosa/Torrey
Arts & Crafts Students will learn and create a variety of arts & crafts items. DeMonte/Karsmarski
Spanish Culture and Dance Students will be able to learn more about the Spanish culture as well as put together a dance to perform at the ELL international night and assemblies.  Durran
Needlepoint-for-Fun Learn to needlepoint! Using a needlepoint kit you can create pictures to decorate your house/room, covers for pillows & cushions, holiday ornaments & stockings, eyeglass cases, cosmetic cases, coin purses and more!


Photography Club Learn the fundamentals of photography and be creative! Mr. Rivera
All About Me/Expressive Art To provide a safe place where students have the opportunity of self-discovery by engaging students with a variety of creative arts modalities.  No prior art experience required.  Lesser/E. Rodriguez
Rock Band Learn a new instrument, jam out with others, and discuss musical passions regardless of previous musical ability. We'll have guitar (electric and acoustic), bass, drums, and plenty of vocal opportunities. NO PREVIOUS MUSICAL EXPERIENCE NECESSARY. Song choice is student-selected and teacher-approved. Falkenstine
Philosophy Club Students in philosophy club will study important works of philosophy in broken-down, bite-sized chunks. If you have ever had any broad-minded questions about abstract ideas such as why we are here, why and how we live, or any other profound thoughts, come to philosophy club! Salicki
Computer Programming Exploring the basics of computer science through games and puzzles. Gengel
Drawing Club Students will create artwork in a style of their choice such as life drawing, still life, cartooning, or perspective, etc. Gradante
Basketball Play basketball Hardin
Young Republicans/Young Democrats Young Democrats/Young Republicans club would explore the political parties. Students would learn where they fall politically and what civic opportunities exist for students to participate in. Students would be invited to political events/parties and have guest speakers who hold office come in and talk to them as well. Kahoe
Minecraft Spend an hour playing minecraft each week Kasperek
Soccer Let's play soccer! LaPenna
Spirit Horse By application only. Levitz
Walking Club Walking indoors or out, weather permitting Blake/Stewart
History Club Discuss history in a relaxed setting McMullin
Dance Club and Color Guard Join the color guard! Ms. Rivera/Mulero
Drama Club If you like acting, designing sets, creating costumes or doing stage makeup, this is the club for you! We'll run short one-act plays and learn about everything it takes to put on a show. Midgette
Painting Club If you enjoy painting or always wanted to paint, this club is for you! Morrissey
Mindfulness and Relaxation Learn to relax no matter how stressful the situation. Nissen/Glazer
BHS Serve, Lead, and Teach Club BHS students will get involved in community service projects volunteering their time and/or raising funds for important organizations, build leadership skills as they plan and organize projects and learn about important issues affecting their communities that they will share with the school community in order to educate, bring awareness and inspire others to take action.  Perez
Math Club Math club would introduce students to the many uses of math and it's importance. Also introduce careers in which they would need math to be able to do. Powell
Social Justice Club Learn about human rights and what you can do to make a difference in our world Quiles-Galarza
Film Club Watch, review and discuss films! Each month could have a focus, different genre of movie etc.   Rankin
Spanish Club  In the Spanish Club, students will  learn about  Hispanic holidays, different customs, and experience the food, music and art of Spanish-speaking countries. L. Rodriguez/G. Rodriguez
Recycling Club Help us recycle and help the earth. We will host recycling events throughout the year. Rosado/Scarano
Key Club Student led organization whose goal is to encourage leadership through service to others. Shah
Coding Club Weekly one-hour sessions of online and aided computer programming at your own pace, on your very own interests, and starting at your personal level. Sousa-Pena
Jr. Apprentice Open to Juniors Only, must go through interview process
World of Dance Inspired by the dance show developed by Jennifer Lopez, students in this club will create dances in small groups. At the end of the month we will have a showcase and perform each group dance. Students can switch up the dance for the next month or continue working on their original piece. Students will also be able to work on a group piece for assemblies if desired. Ms. Sullivan
Manga Club Like to read Manga? Talk with other Manga enthusiasts? Join the Manga Club. We have hundreds of Manga titles to choose from. Read in a quiet corner or share your Manga passion with other club members. Mr. Sullivan
Games, Games, and More Games Learn to play a variety of board games. Lewis
Mock Trial Students will learn techniques and practice for Mock Trial competition Taylor
Bingo Play math and language arts bingo games! Vallera

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