Digna A. Marte, Principal

Teacher Prep Studies

Explore Careers in the field of Education


Teacher Preparatory Studies (TPS) encourages students to explore and pursue careers in the field of education. Students have multiple opportunities to participate in project based learning, community service, internships and extracurricular activities. Teacher Preparatory Studies will provide its students with a rigorous, college preparatory program designed to build student awareness of the many options for pursuing a career in teaching. Teachers in this pathway will share their passion and enthusiasm for teaching and will model research-based teaching and learning practices at all times.

As part of the graduation requirements every student will serve as a teaching assistant where they will gain experience in at least two grade-levels or content areas.

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teaching a work of heart

Mission Statement

The purpose of Teacher Prep Studies at Bulkeley High School is to attract, train and recruit students who have an interest in the field of education at the PK-12 and college levels. The goal is to provide students with a rigorous curriculum and field experiences that teach them about pedagogy, state content standards, and career paths in the field of education that will make them competitive candidates for seats and scholarships at high ranking colleges and universities.

The vision

In a time of teacher shortages Teacher Prep Studies expects to increase the pool of highly qualified candidates who will be able to fill the critical content area vacancies, increase the diversity of applicants and encourage students to return to work in the City of Hartford as educators.

Teachers Wanted

Theme courses

Answer the call. Explore a teaching career.

Introduction to Teaching

1 cr. 11th grade

Introduction to Teaching is an innovative course designed to attract talented junior’s to the teaching profession through a challenging introduction to teaching. The course will provide students with insight into the nature of teaching, the challenges associated with schooling, and critical issues affecting the quality of education in America’s schools. Students will be exposed to various teaching and learning styles, classroom management techniques, and lesson plan development as well as teaching in a variety of settings within the Hartford community. This course was created in collaboration with the University of Connecticut.

Exploring Educational Opportunities

1 cr. 10th grade

Exploring Educational Opportunities is a course that provides students with the skills to prepare themselves for a career in teaching by participating in many different activities that show all parts of the education system. College and career planning are an integral component of this course. Through in-depth discussion, participation in engaging activities, completion of written and oral assignments and engaging meaningful internships, students will gain an understanding of how to create effective study skills, design professional portfolios, and function as a teacher in the classroom and community, and work in a school in various roles outside of the classroom.

Methods of Teaching

.5 cr. 12th grade

This course is required of students in the third year of the Teacher Preparation Studies Program. Students will examine the theories of learning, memory, thinking and language within an educational institution. Students will continue learning teaching methodology, lesson plan development, and classroom management and teacher observation. Students will develop the skills to analyze and evaluate individual performance. The student will devote more time to peer tutoring as well as “practice” teaching in elementary, middle schools and community organizations in Hartford. The student may also work as a teacher assistant to a Hartford Public Schools teacher. This experience will become the students “Capstone Experience”. The purpose of this independent study is to provide all TPS seniors with the opportunity to apply the theory and skills they have learned to design and complete an independent project, portfolio, internship or research in an area of interest in the field of Education.


.5 cr.

This introductory course in Psychology introduces students to the scientific study of the behavior and mental processes of human beings. Students study the knowledge and theory associated with the study of human behavior, learning, and the human mind, as well as the methods psychologists use in their science and practice.


.5 cr.

This introductory course in Sociology introduces students to the scientific study of our complex society. Concepts include: culture, socialization, social interaction, social groups and institutions, and social change. The focus of this study will be the application of these sociological concepts and social research methods to the exploration of social issues.

Research Techniques

.5 cr.

One semester course that will focus on students acquiring the necessary skills and techniques to perform subject-based research, avoid plagiarism, and develop essays using appropriate format and citation.


The Capstone Project is a requirement for all seniors and will include the completion of a research paper about an educational issue or topic, a presentation connecting the research topic to the internship experience, and an e-portfolio.