Graduation Rescheduled

The Drive-Up, Socially Distanced Bulkeley Graduation has been rescheduled for Tuesday, June 16, still beginning at 1pm. Students will have the same appointment they had for June 11th.

The Virtual Graduation will be posted as scheduled on June 11 at 11am. A link will be posted soon.

NHS Blood Drive, December 5, 2019

Student at Blood Drive

How would you like to save 3 lives today?

By Olivia Correia, Tiana Braithwaite, and Ajah Reese-McKnight. Pictures by Olivia Correia and Abdiel Morales.

On December 5th, the National Honor Society sponsored a Red Cross blood drive. Students and teachers alike got involved. More than 35 teachers and students participated. Since each unit of blood saves three lives, Bulkeley High School saved over a hundred people that day. 

The process is simple, nearly painless. You’re in and out in about 30 minutes (maybe less). They sign in, ask you bunch of really easy questions, and then draw about a pint of blood.  Plus, it’s like wellness check because they check your temperature and blood pressure. 

And yes, absolutely, donors get free snacks afterward.

Download the app

The Red Cross has a terrific app, which you can download here.  The app gives you lots of cool information about your blood like blood type & hemoglobin. The Red Cross will scan your blood for a wide range of transmittable diseases, and they will get back to you if there’s anything to worry about. And yes, everything is kept confidential.

Probably the best thing about the app is that you can see how your blood donation makes a difference. You know what hospital your blood goes to, and how it will be used. Imagine the satisfaction of knowing exactly when your blood saves those three lives.