Bulkeley High School

Matthew Espinosa, Principal

Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month at BHS

Teachers and students celebrated Hispanic Heritage Month here at Bulkeley in class and throughout the school community.  It is even more important during this challenging time to remember the remarkable contributions that generations of Latinx leaders have made to our community and across the globe. 

As you walk into the Graduate Campus, for example, you’re greeted by a large display created by the students in Ms. Vargas’ class, celebrating great Hispanic figures past and present.  The hands in this display include over 40 flags from Spanish-speaking countries throughout the world.  

Teachers seamlessly integrated Latinx leaders into regular instruction.  In this writing activity, Ms. Sullivan’s Seminar students used Jamboard to celebrate the contributions of Ramon Betances.  Students researched Ramon Betances, a founding father of Puerto Rico, then used “Sentence frames”  to create this collage, beginning with phrases like:

    • I am proud to know that…. 
    • I learned…  
    • Learning about Betances made me feel… 
    • I think… 

This is particularly fitting, since this class meets in the current Betances STEM building. 

Science and technology joined the celebration as well.  Here is an example from AP Computer Science, where students in Mr. Tusch’s class created Soundboard Apps that echoed the voices of Latinx leaders from the past. 

We’re proud of the rich Hispanic Heritage here at Bulkeley High School and throughout the Hartford Community.  

Literacy Night – December 12, 2019

On December 12, from 5-7pm, Bulkeley High School presented it’s Literacy Night, an evening of hands-on literacy activities and family fun!

The evening was about enriching the Literacy Community here at Bulkeley High School. Several academic programs were represented in a wide range of fun learning experiences exploring things like word walls and the chemical composition of hot chocolate.

Stay tuned for more fun community-building events here at Bulkeley.