Bulkeley High School

Matthew Espinosa, Principal

Celebrating the 2020 Hour of Code

On December 9, 2020, 131 students at Bulkeley High School participated in the Hour of Code!  Our students are creative leaders and pioneers.  Students in grades 9-12 coded the “Dance Party” activity.   While the action was creative and fun, students learned about algorithms, loops, sequences, and how Computer Science is both a technical and a creative outlet.  

Teachers and administrators got into the act as well, and several of them spent some time coding right alongside the kids.  This was a Bulkeley Community Event and a Bulkeley Community Success.  

Congratulations to all our coders.  For every 50 students, we were able to raffle off one Edison robot.  View the video to see who won! 

Fast facts from real life:

    • Fewer than 30% of people in STEM fields are women
    • Fewer than 7% of people working in STEM fields are African-American
    • Fewer than 6% of people working in STEM fields are Latinx. 


    • 22% of Bulkeley students participated in this year’s Hour of Code, and we expect that number to rise dramatically in the coming years.
    • Women & Men were equally represented.
    • 95% of Bulkeley’s students proudly represent Communities of Color.  
    • Bulkeley’s participation rate is WAY AHEAD of STEM Career rates for people coming from Communities of Color.  


We are proud of all 131 students who coded last Wednesday, but we’re especially pleased to mention that 51% of coders were FROM THE CLASS OF 2024.  Because that class had so many participants, we were able to raffle off one additional Edison Robot to another lucky freshman!  

Want to see who won?  View the video!  

Technology’s future shines bright at Bulkeley High School!  Let’s do this!