Bulkeley High School

Matthew Espinosa, Principal

Project-Based Learning – Am I What I Eat?

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Students in Ms. Henriques’ class thought they were going to learn about cells and plants. Some thought they were just growing some garlic.

What they discovered was the incredible potential they had inside. 

What you’re seeing is a great example of Project-Based Learning.  “We start with the answer and work our way back to the question,” said Bulkeley Science Teacher Ms. Henriques. It is a process called Inquiry.  Deduction, curiosity, imagination, and process all blend to create something quite magical. 

It all starts with a clove of garlic.  Students know that you plant it, feed it, water it, and you get a whole harvest of garlic.  But…how?  Why does it grow?  Why does it come up green?  Why does it need sun?  Water?  Students spent the next few weeks learning about  Macromolecules, Cell Reproduction, and Photosynthesis.  Each new sprout led to new questions and new discoveries.

Then came the hidden gems.  While caring for plants, students learned about nutrition, social-emotional growth, and how cell reproduction connects to things like space travel.  With hard work and consistent care, incredible things can happen.  As it turns out, one small clove of garlic has enormous potential – just like every one of these amazing students.