Bulkeley High School

Matthew Espinosa, Principal

When Art Meets Tech, It’s All Just Creative

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In the tech-rich world of hybrid and remote learning, it’s great to celebrate student creativity and fantastic work. Here is a portrait rendered by Senior Alexus Campbell in Mrs. Lesser’s Graphic Design class. Students were tasked to create a vector portrait of themselves (at any age), a family member or a friend using a cloud-based app called Gravit Portrait Studio. Alexus turned to her classmate, Cameron Cohen, and set to work.

“I’ve never done graphic design before. Drawing was always my ‘go-to,'” said Campbell, a perpetually self-effacing honor student at Bulkeley. “I turned the project in early, and I was surprised when (Mrs. Lesser) said it was good.”

Students were required to do the following: 

    1.  Vector portrait (face only) showing light and dark areas of the face. Take your time focus on details by zooming in to get your vector shapes as close as possible to the original image. Use the eyedropper to choose the dominant color, no border lines.
    2. Create an interesting background using a gradient with more than one color
    3. Use type somewhere on your piece (write the person’s name, quote, lyric, poem, bible verse, etc.) use a dynamic font and adjust size for interest.

And if terms like “vector” and “eyedropper tool” and “dynamic font” are a bit bewildering, just ask Alexus or Cameron.  They can help you out.  

Alexus' project, shown in the development environment.