Bulkeley High School

Matthew Espinosa, Principal

Computer Science

You Are The Future


The Computer Science Pathway curriculum covers computer networking, systems, database design, digital production, graphic design, web design, and programming.

In addition, students will qualify for training programs and diploma+ certifications to support them as they enter the job market.

Bulkeley High School’s Computer Science Pathway engages students by using computer technology as a lens through which everyday problems are analyzed, approached and solved. Students learn how to think as professionals and rediscover their role as a future leader.


NAF’s educational design is focused on making connections between the classroom and the workplace by integrating career-focused curricula and projects into the traditional high school experience, coupled with opportunities for real-world application.  Through a series of coursework, together with a progressive continuum of activities designed to build awareness, enable exploration, and finally prepare students for future studies and career paths.  NAF students gain the skill and knowledge needed to make informed choices and be successful in their future careers.  

Industry Need

Prior to the COVID-19 crisis, The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicted growth in the IT sector of 557K new jobs by 2026, but what we are now seeing is that workers in nearly every industry are going to need to have the fundamental technical skills to be able to keep up with the changing workforce.

Community Connections


NAF works with both major corporations and local companies to ensure curriculum is current and relevant and to provide practical experience to students through a series of work-based learning activities. These activities enable students to connect directly with professionals in IT to learn first-hand about the industry, the skills needed to succeed, the expectations, and more. Business professionals serve as role models and mentors to students, guiding them to grow their business acumen, as well as technical knowledge.

Businesses that work with NAF academies play an active and integral role in shaping the future workforce and building a talent pipeline that will one day soon be eligible to fill roles within their companies.