Bulkeley High School

Matthew Espinosa, Principal

COVID-19 Chromebook Rollout

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It is certainly a strange time for all of us. But the Bulkeley community is pulling together. On Friday, March 20, intrepid administrators, teachers, MHIS techs, custodians, and community volunteers gathered to distribute our remaining Chromebooks to Bulkeley and Global students. Donning masks, gloves, and taking care to keep a safe distance from each other, we gathered up the remaining devices for distribution.

“We want the community to know we’re here for them,” said Dr. Alberto Vázquez Matos, Deputy Superintendent. He and Dr. Madeline Negrón, Chief Academic Officer, logged the devices personally. Principal Marte helped students who also needed work in paper form. MHIS went through dozens of laptops to verify that they were in good working order, and Mr. Sullivan, Mr. Tusch, and a host of Bulkeley parents helped families get acquainted with the new machines.

If you are a student at Bulkeley and/or Global Communications Academy High School and you DON’T have your district-issued Chromebook, come down to Bulkeley between 10 and 3. We’ll verify that you’re a student, provide you with a loaner Chromebook, and send you on your way.

Many thanks to our parents and community volunteers from Catholic Charities who lent a hand taking care of our students: Patrick Williams, Jamaal Folston, Sahar Hakim, Minal Avachat, and Elfreda Debow from Catholic Charities, and Marsha Smith from the Hartford community. You’re the best!

Distance learning is here for a while, friends. Come on down and get prepared!

Chromebooks next week

Global Principal Kimberly Stone helps students who need paper copies of the work.

Next week, Chromebooks will be distributed at the district meal sites. Check the district’s website for meal site information near you!