Digna A. Marte, Principal

Virtual Circle of Security Parenting Groups

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Virtual Circle of Security Parenting Groups

8 Sessions of FREE Positive Parenting

At times all parents/caregivers feel lost or wonder, “Am I getting it right?”, “What is it that she/he needs from me?”, “Why is my child behaving this way?

The Circle of Security® Parenting™ is based on decades of research about how secure parent/caregiver-child relationships can be supported. Circle of Security will offer information to better understand children’s/teen’s needs, bring JOY and promote healthy and positive parenting!

“You can choose to be Bigger, Wiser, Stronger and Kind”

Virtual sessions in a supportive and safe group setting Free for all participants. Join Us! (We welcome Parents (parents to be), Grandparents, Foster Parents, Mentors, Providers)

Grupos y Materiales Disponibles en Español

For More Information or Registration contact:

Mónica Contreras, LMSW