Bulkeley High School

Matthew Espinosa, Principal

Bulkeley School Governance Council

The School Governance Council (SGC) is the primary, local school decision-making body devoted to achieving Bulkeley’s mission and vision.   Seven Parents, five Staff, two Students, and two Community leaders work together to improve student achievement.

Want to learn more? Contact Mrs. Metayer at 860-695-1225 or Ms. Flores at 860-695-3425.  

SGC News

School Governance Council Ballot

Please download, complete, and send the attached ballot to : Mrs. Metayer860-695-1225 Metam001@hartfordschools.org Ms. Floresflorc001@hartfordschools.org860-695-3425Google Voice: 860-316-4654 (call or text) Español English

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