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Social Work

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Welcome to Bulkeley High School’s Social Work Corner!


The Social Work team at Bulkeley High School is here to collaborate with you and your child to provide specialized guidance to support their growth throughout high school and beyond. We are here to facilitate individual and group counseling (topics could include coping skills, anger management, social skills, etc.), assist in providing information regarding community-based resources and counseling services,  and to provide school-wide social-emotional learning (SEL) opportunities and programming.

Social Work Programs

Tech Addiction

Tech Addiction has been a growing issue since SmartPhones were invented. Then COVID-19 and a global lockdown made it a pandemic of its own. See

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Wall of Empathy

Wall of Empathy This pandemic has had us all feeling disconnected at one time or another.   What we need is empathy.  Empathy is kindness.  Empathy

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